Equipamientos ganaderos

separators Govi

All kind of separator with metallic component for the pig industry.

On the measures facilitated by the client and / or with previous study of the planes of the farm.

The different separating elements are of vital importance when planning the livestock, since they will determine both the space that will have the animals and the managements that the operator will have in their day to day on the farm. The choice of one or other elements, their layout, functionality, etc. will determine to a large extent the success and profitability of the farm.

Talleres Govi, S.L. manufactures all kinds of separators as a complete set (such as for example boar separators etc.), or components necessary for existing separators (posts, u´s, frames etc. for concrete or PVC separators).

Fixed separator systems with doors of different closures: single hitch, crossbow lock, latch lock etc.

Mobile systems such as band separators for better space management and group management.
Separators tailored to the farmer´s needs, different heights, materials and closing systems.

Boar separators, bait separators, band separators etc. everything necessary for group management.

Metal dividers


Metal dividers Ver el producto

U´s  for different dividers


U´s for different dividers Ver el producto

Band separators


Band separators Ver el producto

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