Equipamientos ganaderos

Livestock equipment

A large part of the production of Govi Metallic Industries is aimed at the elaboration of metallic elements for the livestock industry and more specifically (but not exclusively) the pig industry.

The permanent contact with the farmer, final customer, allowed from the beginning and until the present time that the products developed by Talleres Govi, S.L. are perfectly adapted to the requirements of final customer.

The growth of the company in this field is remarkable. In the beginning, the company's activity was directed towards local pig farms and / or a rather limited size with a small number of breeding mothers. Nowadays the pig equipment provided by Talleres Govi, S.L. can be found in the gestation rooms, maternity rooms, bait or piglets of many pig farms not only national but also international.

Whether it is one of the products that make up the turnkey system offered by the big distributors, as if it is a product offered directly to the final farmer, the farrowing crates, stalls, dividers, feeders, drinkers etc. of Talleres Govi, S.L. are reliable products that are manufactured under the standards set by ISO 9001: 2008 and pass the consequent quality controls.

Within each of the product lines, we will find a wide range of references or models. Thus, the different genetic pigs and breeds: Pietrain, Duroc, Large White, Iberian ... as well as the personal tastes or recommendation of qualified technicians in farm, have room in the range of porcine cages developed and produced by Talleres Govi, S.L.

A team with great experience will advise you when choosing the cage, feeder etc. More suitable to the layout of the livestock plant, stall lines or boar rooms. From the separators of a room of extraction of boars to the floor of metallic grid for farrowing crates, passing through different elements of adaptation of the systems of automatic feeding, feeding-ball etc., all will be supervised by qualified personnel with extensive knowledge in this type of products.

This knowledge, coupled with productive capacity (improved by the use of the most advanced machinery including automatic cutting saws, cutting-edge tube bending machines and robotic welding cells), make the range of end products offered considerable.

The main products are from maternity cages (farrowing crates) or gestation stalls to bait separators or boar rooms, through grids, feeders and drinkers of stainless steel or any other metallic element of the industry in question.

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