Carpintería de aluminio y pvc

Aluminum and PVC carpentry for farms Govi

Aluminum and PVC doors and windows as enclosure of maternity rooms, gestation rooms, bait rooms etc. of the pig farm.

As an intermediate product between the two main sections of Talleres Govi, S.L., the equipment of livestock and carpentry of aluminum and PVC for homes, we find this section and range of aluminum and PVC products for farms.

Ventilation, insulation etc. of the farm is one of the critical points of any pig farm, hence an element like the enclosures of it, can not be underestimated.

Talleres Govi, S.L. Has a range of products covering this field, products of great simplicity and ease of use, but at the same time, quality and reliability. Again the supplier of the profiles, Aluminios Cortizo, S.A., is in itself a guarantee in this regard.

Although the products are as varied as ventilation flaps or shower separations, however, the main products remain the doors and windows for farms.

The doors are formed by a frame and sheet of aluminum and a body of PVC shelves or with sheet and body completely in PVC, doors with peephole or without it and stainless steel fitting.

The windows can be with frame and sheet of aluminum or mixed aluminum and PVC. The interior may be of colorless cellular polycarbonate or glass; And opening systems, manual or automatic.

Aluminum doors for farms, PVC doors for farms, aluminum windows for farms, PVC windows for farms. Different sizes and opening systems.

Aluminum-PVC doors.

Aluminum and PVC carpentry for farms

Aluminum-PVC doors. Ver el producto

Aluminum-PVC windows.

Aluminum and PVC carpentry for farms

Aluminum-PVC windows. Ver el producto

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