Historia de industrias metálicas Govi

A bit of history

TALLERES GOVI, S.L. Is a company belonging to the group of SMEs with registered office in Vallelado, Segovia (Spain) with approximately 800 inhabitants. It was incorporated as a limited liability company in September 1993.

In its beginnings it was a small repair shop for cars and machinery. The study of the needs of the area and the vision of an opportunity to establish themselves in new markets, led to the change of activity towards the metallic carpentry of aluminum and the manufacture of iron-based elements of cattle use.

From the small family workshop with just 3 employees went to an enlarged space with new staff (welders, assemblers etc) and an incipient but constant production that was backed by the great demand for products on the other hand, quite numerous Livestock companies in the area.

In 1997, the opportunity was taken to transfer the activity to the Los Arenales Industrial Estate, just 1.5 kms. of the urban nucleus.

Since then, the business trend at all levels has continued to grow steadily both at the level of turnover and job creation, a trend that continues today.

The extensive experience in both sectors of activity makes the members of the GOVI staff can advise the client on the product or service to receive.

This advice or technical assistance can be reflected in the preparation of studies and design of the elements and final disposal of the same in the final set of the livestock holding (in the case of livestock elements of the iron section) or housing ( If it is the case of elements of aluminum carpentry); As well as non-binding budgets.

One of the strengths of the company is the adaptability to the requirements presented by the customer, so that many of the elements to be manufactured can be "tailor-made".

The commitment of quality is one of the basic pillars of GOVI activity. This commitment is reflected in the ISO 9001 quality certification and the CE marking of its products.

The company recently approached R + D + i projects with the final intention of continuously improving the products and services offered as well as anticipating the demands raised in the market.

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