Productos en acero inoxidable

other products in stainless steel Govi

In addition to feeders and drinkers as main products, the production also welcomes other products in stainless steel such as feed trolleys, containers of corpses etc.

As an alternative to the products related to the livestock industry, Talleres Govi, S.L., has diversified its activities into stainless steel products of various kinds: smooth surfaces for food processing, pallets for hanging hams in dryers etc.

The increasing importance of stainless steel products has contributed to the decision of Talleres Govi, S.L. to expand their facilities including a section specifically designed for them. New space and new machinery that favors the production of the usual range of products but at the same time allows the possibility of producing any alternative product that the customer can demand.

All types of stainless steel products related or not to the livestock industry: feed trolleys, corps containers, stainless steel smooth surfaces for food processing, hams hangers in dryers etc.

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