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drinkers for pigs Govi

One of the core products of the stainless steel section are the stainless steel drinkers for pig farming.

Stainless steel drinking cups are the most reliable and durable option for this type of product.

Made of AISI-304 stainless steel of different thicknesses and welded in a robotized welding cell. They have folds in their contour so that there are no sharp edges and the animal does not suffer any damage.

They are fixed perfectly to the different models of farrowing crate of Talleres Govi, S.L., although, they can be adapted to the particular needs of each client.

Various models to choose.

Drinkers can be drinkers for sows, drinkers for piglets etc. And as for the number of spaces, mainly drinkers of 2 spaces and drinkers of 4 spaces.

Talleres Govi, S.L. Offers additionally a wide range of accessory parts as a complement to them: stainless threaded tube for water, anchor for the water pipe etc.

Stainless steel drinking troughs for pigs with multiple models and functionalities. Adaptable to all types of cages.

Stainless steel drinkers

drinkers for pigs

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