Equipamientos ganaderos

grids Govi

Talleres Govi, S.L. manufactures all kind of metallic grids for the maternity rooms.

The robustness and reliability of these elements compared to plastic slats, make them an optimal choice to form the base of these enclosures.

Made of iron plate and triangular galvanized rod, they combine both firmness, functionality and durability.

Grids made of plate and smooth triangular rod for total grid measurements of 1,20m x 1,0m or 1m x 1m.

There is also a wide variety of anchorages from the cage to the grid by means of anchorage Z, stainless hooks, lower T below the floor plates, anchors in stainless steel in general etc.

Standard sizes grids of 2.40m x 0.58m made of plate and triangular striated rod. Different possibilities: Overlapping grid or raised grid.

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