Equipamientos ganaderos

gestation stalls Govi

Historically the gestation stall constitutes the main element in any gestation room and / or confirmed gestation room.

The extensive experience in the sector favors that the design of the final product is the most adequate to satisfy the need of the pig farm, resulting in a wide range of gestation cages with different sizes and functionalities:

  Standard gestation stalls with normal or rear elevated door

  Gestation stalls with raised feet to bury in concrete

  Gestation stalls with raised front for stainless steel or concrete runner trough.

  Gestation stalls with feeding tube

  Gestation stalls for Iberian pig

  Gestation stalls with free access system

Depending on the version they will have an equipment or another, but as a common denominator, all the gestation cages are made with materials of first quality. The elaboration follows all the parameters of quality.

Usually they are manufactured mainly in smooth solid of Ø20 and Ø14 but also in tube of 1 ". The curved lines are favored and the sharp edges are avoided at all times that can produce cuts in the animal.

In all models, the feeding pipe can be adapted to different positions.

They are suitable for concrete troughs, buried troughs, run troughs of stainless steel etc.

The closing and handling possibilities are also multiple. Different rear and safety locks have been designed. Rear ?double S? to favor insemination, raised rear, basket stalls, gestation stalls with swinging door etc.

In any case, the productive capacity and flexibility of the company, translate into the possibility of raising any modifications to the existing models so that the final product is adapted exactly to the requirements of the farmer.

Wide variety of models according to the needs: stalls with feeding tube, gestation stalls for Iberian pig, gestation stalls with elevated back door, free access gestation stalls etc ...

BOXLAT001 Standard gestation stall

gestation stalls

BOXLAT001 Standard gestation stall Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXLATLER001 Ver el producto

BOXLAT045 Iberian gestation stall

gestation stalls

BOXLAT045 Iberian gestation stall Ver el producto

BOXLAT045-2 Iberian gestation stall

gestation stalls

BOXLAT045-2 Iberian gestation stall Ver el producto

BOXLAT061 Iberian gestation stall

gestation stalls

BOXLAT061 Iberian gestation stall Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXLAT066 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXLAT067 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXLAT072 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXLAT078 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXLAT079 Ver el producto

BOXLAT083 Iberian gestation stall

gestation stalls

BOXLAT083 Iberian gestation stall Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXDEL001 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXDEL007 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXDEL009 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXTRADBS Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXTRAELE013 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXTRA010 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXTRA012 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXTRA018-2 Ver el producto


gestation stalls

BOXPAT legs Ver el producto

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