Equipamientos ganaderos

Farrowing crate mod. FLEX-ADAPT 052

maternity cages (farrowing crates)

FLEX-ADAPT 052 farrowing crate: robust and reliable product in terms of the raw material used and flexible in terms of opening and handling possibilities.

Top and bottom closing points simultaneously and above all, the possibility of opening in any of the front and rear ends or the opening in the center, are the hallmarks of a product totally adaptable to any need.


Tube 33,4x2,3; tube 40x40x3

Technical characteristics

Allows in the sow the "nesting" behaviour.

Easily adaptable to existing facilities.

Versatility: different positions, straight, inclined...

Multiple opening possibilities: oppsosite or retracted doors. 3 points of optional opening: front, rear or middle.

Rod-type closure with simultaneous upper and lower closing point and minimum travel.

Allows handling out of reach of the animal (retracted opening).

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