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Govi release new website

Talleres Govi, SL, following its line of actions aimed at modernizing its work systems both in the factory and in the office, has recently updated its website by providing it with new content and more current format and it is now proposed to start a new action in this Sense, with the launch of a corporate blog.

Both the new website and the blog, can be visited from any communication equipment, whether PC, Tablet or mobile phone, without losing functionality and maintaining the overall corporate image.

Govi release new website

This blog has as a fundamental purpose, to become a more direct and accessible tool from which to keep informed of news, products, etc. of Talleres Govi ​​that may be of interest to different groups related to the company: clients, suppliers, technicians of the sector etc.

Access to it can be made from the website of the company or in the form of newsletters subscribing to it.

This updating of the website and the corporate blog is part of the generic global project of development of the company of which they are part along with three other actions:

  • The implementation of a comprehensive management program for the company, both at the administrative level and at the production level.
  • The creation of a new section of stainless steel, with the objective of giving the required entity to the products derived from this material as well as increasing the catalog of them.
  • The relaunch of PVC products. The PVC joinery for private homes but especially for livestock establishments will be a basic objective within the strategic plan of the company in the short to medium term.

We hope that this blog as a new medium of communication will be useful as a bidirectional information point so that publications can be the root of new comments and points of view that at all times refresh the company’s vision and strategy towards new goals.