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New line of gestation stalls 064-065-066-067

Govi Metal Industries ​​presents its new line of gestation stalls that includes several related models. It is about gestation stalls characterized by a great simplicity of lines at the same time as a great versatility and multiple combinations and lengths.

The interior can be made in tube or smooth solid; the header prepared for a buried or concrete trough or a stainless steel suspended trough; the rear door can be swinging (free access stall), stick/canes or a raised door.

Morphology of the line of gestation stalls 064-065-066-067

The body of the gestation box can be manufactured, at the customer’s choice, in tube or smooth solid. In both cases the simplicity of lines is the keynote. In the first case, a 1″ tube is used in the form of longitudinal bars reinforced by a vertical plate, in the second case, smooth solid of Ø14 or Ø16 is used in the form of vertical bars in the front and horizontal bars in the back Both in one case and in another, the upper bar together with the bow and the lower one, are manufactured in a 1″ tube.

The body of the box forms a robust and well structured assembly. The final height of 1.09m responds to the demands of the sector in favor of increasingly higher cages.

The head of the cage has two basic forms. Some models have a raised headrest to accommodate the positioning of a stainless steel suspended feeding trough. Other models have the low head to cover the entire side in the case of dealing with buried troughs of concrete or linear ones on the ground.

It is noteworthy in the first case, that the frame bars are located in a vertical more internal than the outer profile of the feeder, so that any residue of slime or food remains of the animal when biting the bars will fall in the same feeder contributing to the cleanliness of the whole.

At the rear of the box there is a 40×40 square tube which, although by default it is designed to implant a system of swinging door to be together in a free-access gestation stall, it is also true that the customer can opt for a standard bayonet door or a raised door.

The different resulting models are:

BOXLAT064 (top left picture): smooth solid body, raised head for hanging trough

BOXLAT065 (top right picture): smooth solid body, low head for buried or linear ground trough

BOXLAT066 (lower left picture): Pipe body, raised head for hanging trough

BOXLAT067 (lower right picture): pipe body, low head for buried or linear ground trough

Also for each of the 4 models there are versions in 2,000 mm, 2,100 mm, 2,200 mm, 2,300 mm and 2,400 mm in length.