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Innovation in aluminum and pvc doors and windows for pig farms

Govi Metal Industries, since the end of 2016 has been promoting and strengthening its aluminum and PVC doors and windows manufacturing section for pig farms. The actions in this sense have been several, but can be summarized in three lines of action: product, facilities and market.

The final result is the securing of the section itself, structural change of the layout of the assembly line and finally and as a result of all this, an increase in the volume of business for this product line.

aluminum and pvc doors and windows for pig farms

The product with the highest quality and functionality

The idea from its origin was to get a product of quality and functionality, with a great ease of use and robustness. All without incurring excessive production costs that would result in a final cost and therefore a selling price that might not be attractive. After successive tests, we chose (for the windows), an exterior frame made of PVC of the highest quality and an inner frame in aluminum, all supplied by Aluminios Cortizo, recognized international brand; As well as stainless steel fittings, guaranteeing durability and resistance. The interior can have different options ranging from polycarbonate panels to double glass with inner chamber. The sizes are also multiple: aluminum and PVC doors and windows for pig farms GOVI.

manufacturing aluminum and pvc doors and windows

Facilities. New structure and machinery.

In relation to the above and with the dual purpose of being able to supply a growing demand and control the costs of production, it was decided to renovate and update the facilities for the manufacture of aluminum and PVC doors for pig farms. As a consequence, in addition to the modification of existing workspaces, new specific machines were introduced, such as a new PVC welding machine, workbench loading robot, cleaning machine or machining center, among others.

new machinery aluminum and pvc doors and windows

Market. Strengthening and opening to the outside.

The characteristics of the product itself make the market has a growing demand on it. This demand, in addition, is not only national but recent surveys carried out, encourage it to be subject to export outside our borders, and Govi Metal Industries has already initiated the necessary actions to make this opening to the outside world a reality.

Video aluminum and pvc windows