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Govi Metal Industries at animal production fair FIGAN 2017

Govi was represented at Pig and Poultry Fair FIGAN 2017 in Zaragoza, Spain, through several of its products. Although Govi did not have its own stand, it presented some of them at his distributors´ones.

In addition to the most common ones such as stainless steel feeders in different versions or the farrowing crates´frontals with their versatile applications to fix feeding systems like feeeding-ball or dosi-ball etc., we were able to see for the first time in public other products like the free farrowing crate mod.046.

PAR046 AT FIGAN 2017

Free farrowing crate mod.046 in FIGAN 2017

In a constant effort to develop new products, Talleres Govi is currently working in the study of several maternity and gestation cages. Among them, we highlight the free farrowing crate 046 that could be seen in FIGAN 2017. This crate is designed according to the european tendency to expand the space of the animal, offering some advantage over other models:

  • Only needs a raised wall. Whereas other models due to the oponing of the side which necessary supposes the elevation of the different walls of the enclosure.
  • Has an extremely simple and reliable handling. Opening the sides in a single “click”.
  • It is possible to adapt it to existing crate sides with Govi´s rear bridge. Incorporating a small supplement on the side. This is perfectly valid to accommodate the rest of the elements that make up the final crate.

In fact, the side that was exposed in the fair cited, corresponds to the side mod.044 with swing, bottom protective bars and rear bridge, that, along with side mod.037, constitute the base models of this type of crates in the company.

PAR037 PAR044

If you want to know more about these products, visit our online catalog PARLAT037, PARLAT044.

The Zaragoza Fair FIGAN 2017 is the most important animal production fair in the country and with growing international interest. The biennial fair celebrated this year its 13th edition with a record participation of 929 exhibitors and more than 70,0000 visitors.